Ventex Reaffirms Continued Support Commitment to Customer Base After Canon Announces Plans to Reduce Support

Ventex, the world's premier supplier of refurbished Canon, ASML, and Nikon lithography steppers, assured customers today that it will continue to support older generation Canon FPA-1550, FPA-2000, and FPA-2500 series steppers for years to come.

Ventex's assurance was issued to alarmed customers after being informed by Canon that the company will reduce support for these older generation platforms.

Ventex's support program for FPA-1550, FPA-2000, and FPA-2500 customers will include system sales, system refurbishments, comprehensive parts support, including optics and PCBs, and full field service and technical support.

Ventex will provide service and support from its Customer Service Centers in San Jose, California, Coburg, Germany, and Hsinchu, Taiwan.

'We have a large customer base of FPA-1550, FPA-2000, and FPA-2500 users and we understand that they intend to use these tools for many more years. In order to support our customers' production roadmaps, we have made a commitment to support them,' said Jay Bukant, Vice-President of Operations. 'We have developed and established a supply chain for FPA-1550, FPA-2000, and FPA-2500 components over the past 18 years and our engineering and field support teams are very experienced on these platforms. We are fully committed to support these platforms for as long as our customer base demands,' added Bukant.

'In addition, Ventex has multiple FPA-1550, FPA-2000, and FPA-2500 steppers in inventory that we can use to support this market segment,' said Bukant.

Ventex's commitment to support older generation Canon tools is part of its strategy to be a comprehensive service and support provider for all Canon, ASML, and Nikon users regardless of stepper model type or vintage.