Ventex is your trusted advisor and provider of quality production canon equipment and services.


We gain the trust of our customers by being honest, upfront and delivering. Ventex is what we like to call "your trusted advisor." We don't say whatever it takes to sell you something you may not need or just say what you want to hear. We provide an honest assessment of your requirements after listening to you, even if it means we ultimately are not able to meet your specific needs. With no smoke and mirrors, you can make a more informed decision.


Experience is paramount when delivering complex, critical semiconductor equipment to chip manufacturers. Experience brings the knowledge of potential pitfalls and how to address them before they happen. Very few in the secondary equipment market can say they have been successfully providing extremely complex lithography equipment solutions since 1994.


Ventex has gained its stellar reputation by delivering quality products to its customers and backs it up with a highly experienced engineering staff. No company is perfect. If something does not go according to plan, we believe it is critical that we immediately react and quickly resolve the problem with our customer's best interest in mind.

Introduction to Ventex Corporation

Introduction to Ventex Corporation