Ventex Corporation has begun providing field repairs of the 3000 series Air Bearing Stages for its customers worldwide. As the 3000 series steppers move up in age, it is quite common for the ABS stage to have problems associated with scratches on the stage. These scratches cause issues anywhere from intermittent errors too hard down machine issues depending on the severity of the scratches. This of course means a down machine and lost production.

Utilizing our very knowledgeable engineering department, Ventex has identified the root cause of the scratches and developed the required replacement parts, procedure and special tooling to provide our customers a long term, cost effective field repair that meets original specifications.

In the past, customers would have to purchase a completely refurbished stage directly from Canon at a very high premium. Now, more than ever, with dwindling budgets our customers are looking for cost savings opportunities and Ventex understands that. By Ventex providing this Air Bearing Stage repair service, we are saving our customers roughly 80% off of the price of a new stage from the OEM. That is a significant savings that any customer would be happy to realize.

This is yet another example of how Ventex has been differentiating itself in the Canon stepper marketplace for over 16 years.