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The Value of Refurbished Parts
Whether your company is faced with dwindling budgets or you're looking for ways to increase Return On Investment, Ventex refurbished systems and parts offer a high-quality, cost-effective solution. Ventex offers refurbished equipment and parts that are rebuilt to "like new" standards for the ultimate in high-quality performance. As you look for cost saving opportunities, ask yourself: Is it possible to use refurbished equipment and spare parts without losing system reliability? The answer is "yes" when you choose Ventex.

There are direct cost advantages to using refurbished spare parts. While refurbished parts are less expensive to buy, all parts are refurbished to OEM standards for fit and functionality that's the same as new equipment.

Custom Built Parts
Ventex is committed to providing our customers with a system that will best accommodate your needs. When that special need arises for a custom application, our technical staff will collaborate with you to custom engineer a part that will provide a cost effective solution.

Ventex has provided many customers with custom built parts for their lithography tools.
  • Canon Stepper Optics
  • Canon Stepper Optical Filters
  • Canon Stepper Wafer Chucks & Custom Wafer Chucks
  • Canon Stepper Robots
  • Canon Stepper Ceramic Hands
  • Canon Stepper Ball Screws
  • Canon Stepper Wafer Size Conversion Kits
  • Canon Stepper Tilt Stages
  • Canon Stepper Test Reticles
  • Canon Stepper Lasers & Laser Power Supplies
  • Lamps & Exposure Lamps for the Canon Steppers
  • Nikon Optics
  • Nikon Optical Filters
  • Nikon Wafer Chucks & Custom Wafer Chucks
  • Nikon Robots
  • Nikon Ceramic Hands
  • Nikon Ball Screws
  • Nikon Wafer Size Conversion Kits
  • Nikon Tilt Stages
  • Nikon Test Reticles
  • Nikon Lasers & Laser Power Supplies
  • Lamps & Exposure Lamps for Nikon
  • ASML Optics
  • ASML Optical Filters
  • ASML Wafer Chucks & Custom Wafer Chucks
  • ASML Robots
  • ASML Ceramic Hands
  • ASML Ball Screws
  • ASML Wafer Size Conversion Kits
  • ASML Tilt Stages
  • ASML Test Reticles
  • ASML Lasers & Laser Power Supplies
  • Lamps & Exposure Lamps for ASML
If you are in the market for quality refurbished systems or parts at a fraction of the OEM cost, give Ventex a call.

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