The Premier Supplier of Canon, ASML, Nikon & GaSONICS Equipment, Spare Parts & Services
Lithography Platforms
Canon Series
  • FPA-6000
  • FPA-5500
  • FPA-5000
  • FPA-3000
  • FPA-2500
  • FPA-2000
  • FPA-1550
ASML Series
  • PAS-5500
  • PAS-5000
  • PAS-2500
Nikon Series
  • NSR-SF100 - 140
  • NSR-4425i
  • NSR-1755
  • NSR-2205
  • NSR-2005
  • NSR-1505

GaSonics Platforms
GaSonics Series
  • L3510
  • L3010
  • Aura 1000
  • PEP 3510A
  • PEP3010
  • AE2001
  • AE2000LL
  • Branson 9102
  • Branson 9104

Equipment Sales

Ventex offers an assortment of Canon, ASML and Nikon lithography systems and GaSonics etch and ash systems to support your needs. In addition to selling refurbished systems and parts, Ventex provides a full line of services from system installation, technical support and system maintenance to custom engineered parts. Our staff will work with you to identify the scope of your business and recommend a system that will best accommodate your needs. Ventex is known industry wide for its outstanding quality and customer satisfaction.

Refurbish, Reconfigure and Leases

Ventex fully refurbishes our "for sale" steppers and provides refurbishing services of customers' existing steppers or recently purchased used machines. We inspect, align, repair or replace each critical assembly to ensure it meets or exceeds the OEM specifications.

Ventex can reconfigure a stepper or scanner to meet your specific need such as the wafer size, reticle size, in-line or stand-alone wafer processing and auto-feeder type among others. Working with our partners, we also offer lease programs. Our flexibility is the key to your success.

Refurbishing Process

Our Equipment is fully reconditioned to meet or exceed factory specifications. Our refurbishing process is carried out by our qualified engineers to the most exacting standards

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Installation & Training
We provide full installation of our refurbished equipment by our factory trained Engineers to meet the OEM specifications. This includes application process integration into your existing production line.(click here to learn more about Training)

Canon, ASML, Nikon & GaSonics Specifications

Contact us for the specification sheet of the system you are considering or to have us help you identify which tool would best meet your production or R&D specification requirements.

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