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i-Line Filter (Universal) i4/i5/iW
The i-Line Filter (Universal) is a narrow bandpass filter for the main exposure light used on the Canon FPA-3000 series steppers. *Includes 2 year warranty *Outperforms the original Canon filter
Canon FPA-2500i3 Stepper
Canon FPA-2500i3 Stepper: 4" thru 8" wafer capable, 5" or 6" reticle capable **Systems are Ventex Stock** -Refurbished to meet Canon Standard Spec's -Demonstration Available in our facility -Inclu
X Stg Motor Coupler - New Style Motor (42mm)
X Stage Motor Coupler (42mm x 7) Used with new style motor only & 115mm rolling stage
Canon FPA-2000i1 Stepper
-Canon FPA-2000i1 Stepper- 4" Thru 8" wafer size available- 5" Reticle- In-line Station- CCD Focus Unit- System Refurbished to Meet OEM Spec's- Warranty Included- System Demonstration Av
Canon FPA-3000i5 Stepper
Canon FPA-3000i5
Canon FPA-3000i5 Stepper: 3" thru 8" wafer capable, 6" reticle **System Owned by Ventex** -Refurbished to meet Canon Standard Spec's -Demonstration Available in our facility -Includes System Warra
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