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Canon Tilt Stages

Ventex provides completely refurbished tilt stages for the 1550, 2000, 2500 and 3000i4/iW model steppers. After a complete refurbishment, we test each unit on one of our Ventex lab steppers to verify all specifications are met. We also individually sell the tilt and theta piezo's used on the 3000i4/iW tilt stages which are direct OEM replacements.

3000 Series Tilt Stage
  • Y60-1108-000V Theta-Z Tilt Unit
  • BG4-6453-000V Theta-Z Tilt Unit
  • Y60-2160-000V Z-Tilt Piezo Unit
  • BG4-5421-000V Z-Tilt Piezo Unit
  • BG4-5422-000V Theta Piezo Unit
Tilt Stages - 1550, 2000 & 2500 series
  • BG4-3601-000V Theta-Z Tilt Stage Unit (Mk4 & 2000i1)
  • BG4-6203-000V Theta-Z Tilt Stage Unit (2500i3)
  • BG4-6198-000V Theta-Z Tilt Stage Unit (2000i1 & 2500i3)

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