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Canon Stepper & Custom Wafer Chucks

Ventex offers several different types of wafer chucks for the Canon stepper. We also manufacture custom designed chucks for other industries and markets to fulfill specific customer requirements and tolerances.

Canon Stepper Wafer Chucks
Ventex provides Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Ceramic pin chucks and ring chucks for the various Canon stepper models and in many different sizes. These are manufactured as direct replacements for the OEM wafer chucks and provide a significant cost reduction. Ventex wafer chucks maintain a flatness of less than 0.5 microns and a parallelism of less than 0.8 microns. While ring chucks meet some requirements, the pin chuck offers several advantages over the ring chuck:
  • Minimizes effects of backside particle contamination of the wafer
  • Drastically decreases incidents of hotspots (local defocused area)
  • Provides for better product yield
  • Less hotspots and vacuum errors means increased equipment availability
Stepper Models: 3000 series
  • BG4-9724-000V 4" Flat SiC Ring Chuck
  • BG4-9723-000V 4" Flat SiC Pin Chuck
  • BG4-9725-000V 5" Flat SiC Pin Chuck
  • BG4-8632-000V 6" Flat SiC Pin Chuck
  • BG3-2428-000V 8" Notch SiC Pin Chuck
  • BG3-2616-000V 8" Flat SiC Pin Chuck
  • BY9-8373-000V Chuck Cleaning Tool
Stepper Models: MkIII/IV, 2000i1, 2500i2/i3
  • VEN-0058-000V 4" Ceramic Ring Chuck
  • VEN-0059-000V 5" Ceramic Ring Chuck
  • VEN-0016-000V 6" Ceramic Ring Chuck
  • VEN-0019-000V 8" Ceramic Ring Chuck
  • VEN-0057-000V 4" Ceramic Pin Chuck
  • VEN-0056-000V 5" Ceramic Pin Chuck
  • VEN-0055-000V 6" Ceramic Pin Chuck
  • VEN-0054-000V 8" Ceramic Pin Chuck
Custom Designed Vacuum Chucks
Ventex has applied its chuck manufacturing expertise to produce many types of chucks for varying types of equipment and uses.

Using our engineering and design knowledge, Ventex can provide custom chuck designs and engineering solutions for other types of equipment and industries. Contact us with your requirements.

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