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Canon Stepper Robots

Ventex provides quality refurbished Reticle Changer Robots and Auto Feeder Send Hand Robots. Each robot is tested on one of our in-house steppers to ensure proper functionality.

Cassette & Reticle Robots
  • BG4-6735-000V Reticle Robot
  • BG4-6736-000V Cassette Robot
  • BH2-8005-000V Reticle Robot
  • BH2-8006-000 Cassette Robot
Send Hand Robots
  • Y60-1478-000V SCH Robot Unit (Left)
  • BG4-6780-000V SCH Robot Unit (Left)
  • Y60-2071-000V SCH Robot Unit (Right)
  • BG4-7521-000V SCH Robot Unit (Right)
  • Y60-0941-000V Send Hand Robot (Left)
  • Y60-0940-000V Send Hand Robot (Right)

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