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Canon Stepper Optics

Ventex supplies many of the most replaced intensity and uniformity related optics for the 1550, 2000, 2500 and 3000 series steppers. If you are looking for a particular optic that is not listed, contact us with your requirements.

Ventex's optical components are of a high standard and use quality coatings to ensure optimal functionality. These factors in conjunction with our competitive pricing structure means you receive quality optics at a significant cost savings.

If Ventex does not currently stock the optical component or part you are looking for, just send us the item and we will evaluate and quote refurbishing it for you.

Key benefits of Ventex Optics:
  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Specific Canon Stepper Optical Knowledge
  • Quality Material & Coatings
  • Optics Refurbishing Services
  • New Optics Manufacturing

3000 Series Stepper Optics
  • BN9-7404-000V Ellipsoidal Mirror
  • BN9-7407-000V Ellipsoidal Mirror
  • BN9-7774-000V Sheet Glass
  • BN9-7775-000V Plane Parallel Plate
  • Y60-0862-000V 1st Condenser Lens Lamp 1
  • Y60-0863-000V 1st Condenser Lens Lamp 2
  • BN9-7513-000V i-Line Filter
  • BG4-6690-000V 1st Condenser Zoom Lens
  • Y60-0866-000V Fly's Eye Lens
  • Y60-1221-000V 2nd Condenser Zoom Lens
  • Y60-0869-000V 2nd Condenser Fixed
  • BG3-2072-000V 2nd Condenser Fixed - Type A
  • BG3-2073-000V 2nd Condenser Fixed - Type B
  • BG3-2071-000V 2nd Condenser Fixed - Type C
  • BG4-6695-000V 3rd Condenser Lens
  • Y60-1301-000V 3rd Condenser with Lens CAP
  • BG4-6696-000V Collimator Lens
2500 Series Stepper Optics
  • BN9-6177-000V Ellipsoidal Mirror
  • Y60-0793-000V 1st Condenser Lens C
  • Y60-0794-000V 1st Condenser Lens D
  • BN9-7269-000V i-Line Filter C
  • BG4-6711-000V 2nd Condenser Zoom Lens
  • BG4-6712-000V 2nd Condenser Fixed (FT1)
  • BG4-6713-000V 2nd Condenser Fixed (FT2)
  • BG4-6511-000V 3rd Condenser Lens
  • BG4-6512-000V Collimator Lens
2000 Series Stepper Optics
  • BN9-6177-000V Ellipsoidal Mirror
  • Y60-0771-000V 1st Condenser Lens Lower
  • Y60-1255-000V 2nd Condenser - Type AA
  • Y78-0023-000V 2nd Condenser - Type A
  • BN9-6223-050V LI Convex
  • BF6-1550-000V Plate Glass
1550 Series Stepper Optics
  • Y60-0916-000V 1st Condenser Lens Lower
  • BN9-5759-000V Half Mirror A
  • BN9-5754-000V Half Mirror B
  • BF6-1335-000V Plate Glass
Canon MPA (Mirror Projection Aligner) Optics

Ventex supplies many of the often replaced MPA optics for the MPA-600 and 600Super.
  • BF6-6204-000V G2 Bending Mirror
  • BG0-7362-000V 5" Large Fly's Eye Assembly
  • BN9-5017-000V Universal Lens Element, Large Fly's Eye Unit
  • BN9-5030-000V Lens Element, 5" Large Fly's Eye
  • BN9-5043-000V Lens Element, 6" Fly's Eye Unit
  • VEN-0092-000V Lens Element, Small Fly's Eye Unit
  • Y60-4554-000V Secondary Mirror
  • Y60-4557-000V Primary Mirror
  • Y60-4554-000V Secondary Mirror
  • Y60-4560-000V Trapezoidal Mirror

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