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Canon Stepper Optical Filters

Ventex Corporation's i-line Filters are manufactured as direct replacements for the OEM filters.

Our filters outperform the OEM filters in several ways. Each filter's light transmission (%T) is greater than 90% when new, while maintaining the specified 4.0nm bandwidth versus the OEM's filter at 85%. We warranty our exposure i-line filters for two years and guarantee that our filters %transmission will not degrade more than 10% within the warranty period. You will not get a warranty like ours from the OEM or other suppliers. Higher exposure light transmission means increased product throughput on your stepper. A scan sheet that indicates each filter's initial values is provided with every filter.

Optical Filter Models
  • BN9-6635-000V i-Line Filter (AA/FRA) - i3/i4/i5
  • BN9-6634-000V Sub i-Line Filter (AA/FRA) - i3/i4/i5
  • BN9-6210-000V Sub i-Line Filter (AA/FRA) - i1
  • BN9-6211-000V i-Line Filter (AA/FRA) - i1
  • Y60-0671-020V i-Line Filter A - i1/i2
  • Y60-0672-020V i-Line Filter B - i1/i2
  • BN9-7269-000V i-Line Filter C - i3
  • BN9-7513-000V i-Line Filter (Universal) - i4/i5/iW
  • BN3-1845-000V i-Line Filter (Universal) - i4/i5/iW
  • BN9-7771-000V ND Filter 2%
  • BN9-7772-000V ND Filter 4%
  • BN9-7773-000V ND Filter 6%
  • BN9-2310-000V ND Filter 4%
  • BN9-2457-000V ND Filter 10%
  • BN9-2458-000V ND Filter 12%
Ventex i-line Filter Warranty Policy

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